**I’m having a spring clean so apologies for the appearance of this site**

I make theatre, as a devisor, director, performer and facilitator.

I make theatre happen as a producer, coach and mentor to other artists.

A lot of my work is with people who aren’t professional artists.

I’m driven by my values of creativity, generosity, integrity, rigour and kindness.

I’m inspired by half-forgotten and rarely told stories; by landscapes, justice and injustice, and by the human potential for transformation.  I’m curious about the place of theatre today, the form it takes, and the power it has to enact transformation amongst communities and individuals. I create work that is bold, humorous, and physical; that engages the imagination and has emotional resonance, and that explores contemporary issues using images, archetypes, and traditional modes of storytelling.  Inherent in all my work is a strong desire to explore how the relationship between the performer and the audience can be a dynamic one.  I work with communities, people are at the heart of what I do.  I make work in and for theatre, and non-theatre spaces.

To get in touch please contact me via anne_langford@hotmail.com


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