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A 24 hour playdate with the lovely Likely Story crew exploring the idea of Home – something I’d been really interested in for ages.  Having moved every six months for pretty much all of my twenties,  I had spent a lot of time trying to create ‘homes’.  I grew up mainly living in one house in a small suburban town in the Midlands that was filled with love but in a place I had no desire to return to.  Working with six rather fabulous performers, a writer and a director we spent a 24 hours writing, improvising and playing – creating a short installation performance piece where the audience were invited to view the property as if they were potential buyers.  Led by an estate agent who didn’t see or here any of the echoes of all the life that had happened there before…

A great experience and a good reminder that sometimes you just need to get on and do it…  Have a little look at the film that Greg Wohead made about what we got up to.

Feb 2010

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