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Written 8 October 2016 I’ve wanted to write recently but haven’t been able to start. I asked a friend to send me some titles to kick me off. It was only looking at the first title that made me realise some of the things that… Read More

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Notepad Warrior

I’m participating in an online course run by Scottee – it’s called Notepad Warrior and it’s a serious of provocations, bringing together art and activism.  And I’m really enjoying it.  Here’s my week two rant.  Now I’ve got to go and work on some slogans…… Read More

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#64millionartists – Day 3 Might as well jump

Put music on. Dance


I surprised myself with the choice.  I think it came from a random recollection of Love Actually where Hugh Grant’s prime minister character dances around Number 10.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever danced to it before (I must have, at school disco’s, maybe?)

It made me insanely happy.  I danced like a fool in my pjs, I may have pulled something.   It reminded me of 80s John Hughes brat pack films that I really enjoy.  It turns out the lyrics felt quite apt too.

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Me and David Lee Roth post rock out


ps/ watching the video back as I upload it to the blog I am amazed by the splits and the outfits and feel that maybe I should up my game on the performance front for future challenges.

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On creating beetles

The week is all yours to work on new ideas, develop old ones and be inspired by the scenery. There are no rules or constraints… An invitation to join an artists retreat in Cornwall. We’d be camping, with caravans and tents as work spaces in… Read More