What is coaching?

Coaching is a process. Through coaching, you can explore a challenge, or something you would like to change, or develop, in any areas of your life.

A coach works with you by listening deeply, and offering reflections, questions and sometimes simple exercises. Through this process, you are able to hear yourself clearly, get new perspectives and use your creativity to tackle challenges.

Coaching begins from the position that you are the expert in your own life. And so you can find the best ways to make changes.

As the person being coached, you choose the subjects for your coaching, and what you want to share with your coach. As a coach, my role is to support your thinking – I don’t typically offer advice or guidance.

My coaching story

People have always been at the heart of my creativity. For 20 years, I’ve worked with people to develop their creativity and self-expression, exploring ideas and ways of being together.

In 2018, I was selected to participate in the Clore Short Course, a two week leadership development programme in the arts. As part of this training, we had an introduction to coaching skills led by Deb Barnard.

I recognised that I already provided coaching informally, and that a structured coaching approach provided a powerful set of tools to support personal transformation. In 2020, I completed the Relational Dynamics 1st coaching course, and qualified as a coach. You can read the discourse I submitted as part of my qualification, ‘On coaching, flourishing and transformation’.

I’m a full member of the Association of Coaches, and abide by their ethical standards. I have professional insurance and regularly receive supervision from an experienced coach to develop my practice.

During the Coronavirus crisis, I provided free coaching to creative freelancers and artists, to support my community during a time of enormous change and stress.

How can I find out more about being coached by you?

I like to start with an informal, free introductory call. Coaching isn’t for everyone and it’s important that you feel comfortable with me as your coach. We can also discuss why you are seeking coaching and practicalities such as the length and timing of sessions. You also have the opportunity to ask any further questions.  To arrange a coaching session please email me via or call or message me on 07986 823 824

Coaching practicalities

  • Coaching can be offered in person, via video call or over the phone.
  • Most coaching sessions last an hour
  • We’ll agree in our initial call how many sessions you’d like – and this can be adjusted once coaching is underway
  • Everything you say in a coaching is confidential. There are two exceptions to this;
    • if I was concerned that you may hurt yourself or someone else
    • if you told me that you had, or were going to, commit a crime
  • Coaching is forward-looking and focuses on solutions – this is where it differs from therapy or counselling
  • I’ll ask you to sign a simple contract if you decide to work with me as a coach, outlining the terms and confidentiality clauses


I charge £50 per hour. Discounts are available for multiple sessions.  If that isn’t affordable for you, I have some capacity to offer Pay What You Can sessions – please get in touch via