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#64millionartists – Day 3 Might as well jump

Put music on. Dance


I surprised myself with the choice.  I think it came from a random recollection of Love Actually where Hugh Grant’s prime minister character dances around Number 10.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever danced to it before (I must have, at school disco’s, maybe?)

It made me insanely happy.  I danced like a fool in my pjs, I may have pulled something.   It reminded me of 80s John Hughes brat pack films that I really enjoy.  It turns out the lyrics felt quite apt too.

me and eddie.jpg

Me and David Lee Roth post rock out


ps/ watching the video back as I upload it to the blog I am amazed by the splits and the outfits and feel that maybe I should up my game on the performance front for future challenges.

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